Volunteers, chaperones & drivers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering/visiting HL Watkins Middle School.  Your time is valued and appreciated.

Campus volunteers*, chaperones, drivers and visitors are required to register** in the Raptor and VIPS systems prior to volunteering or visiting campus (exceptions would be office business/guidance appointments). Palm Beach County schools utilize Raptor for background clearance and the VIPS Tracking System for logging volunteer hours.

*All Volunteers must complete the District's Volunteer Training and Orientation prior to volunteering for the school. (For more information, please contact the District's Volunteer Coordinator, Stacey Oak, or visit the How to Become a Volunteer website.)

Registration is in the main office.  The front office staff will be able to assist you with this process. When registering, a government issued photo ID is required, as well as each time you visit campus.
All volunteers and visitors must scan in/out through the Raptor system at the front office prior to entry to campus. Badges will be printed through the Raptor system.
Additionally, hours should be logged in the VIPS Count Tracking System computer.  If you have any questions, please be sure to contact the front office.

Again - thank you for being a partner for the education of our children!